CREOG Journal Club

Resources to run Journal Clubs effectively vary between departments ranging from general faculty reviewing the literature at times without the needed resources to epidemiologists on faculty at Medical Universities. Many OBGYN residency programs give an introduction to a review of the literature and utilize the tools in Obstetrics and Gynecology or the “Green Journal” as their curriculum but also may have varied resources to create these presentations. The Journal Club Modules are a result of this need recognized by the CREOG Education Committee.

Journal Club Modules
The Introductory Modules are three PowerPoint presentations on the “Journal Club Curriculum Study Designs”, “Journal Club Curriculum: How to Start” and “Journal Club Curriculum: How to Review the Literature”. These are accompanied by a Word document entitled “User Friendly Guide to a review of the Literature”.

Once a program has provided the introduction, programs may use the posted Journal Clubs in a box. Journal Club in a box provides the article and questions as published for Journal Club review in the Green Journal along with a PowerPoint review of topics by a researcher. The PowerPoint may focus on statistical designs as appropriate given the paper one month and Power analysis the next. The User Friendly Guide to a review of the Literature is additionally intended to be used on a monthly basis to stimulate discussion.

These are meant to serve as an additional educational resource for Program Directors as they develop a Journal Club curriculum. 

Journal Club in a Box 16 (date posted 7/20/2018)


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