CREOG Competency Presentations

The CREOG Competency Task Force, funded by The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Development Fund, was vested with the responsibility of bridging the work of the Ob-Gyn RRC and residency program directors.

The Task Force developed examples of assessment methods that are appropriate and feasible for use by Ob-Gyn residency programs. These work products should not be considered as prescriptions for the only way to accomplish Outcome Project goals, but as examples of tools that might be used by programs as a starting point in their development of reliable assessment tools.

The initial work of the Task Force was presented at the CREOG and APGO Annual Meeting in March 2003. Initial and updated presentations are listed below by date. The most recent presentation, The New PIF: Implications & Strategies, was presented at the March 2009 CREOG and APGO Meeting.

Due to several requests, a primary care chart audit form and survey, from Drexel University College of Medicine is being included with the tools below. Drexel University College of Medicine developed these tools to be in compliance with the latest RRC monitoring of ambulatory activity. They have found that this form not only satisfies the RRC requirement, but also is an excellent review for the residents of their strengths and weaknesses in ambulatory charting. They have the PGY1 and PGY2 charts audited by the attending and then reviewed with the resident. They let the PGY3 & PGY4 residents perform a self analysis and then review with the attending. This is a great way to begin their process of self reflection which will become important for the MOC of the ABOG. Drexel University College of Medicine now incorporate this form as the 4th page of our semi-annual evaluation form.

The PowerPoint presentations, bibliography and reference material, evaluation forms and questionnaires are provided to assist programs in giving a presentation. To view, click on the appropriate link below. To download, right-click on the appropriate link below, and choose "Save Target As..."

PowerPoint Presentations
The New PIF: Implications & Strategies (posted April 2009)
ACGME Outcome Project Update: Phase III and Beyond (posted March 2007)
Practice-Based Learning and Improvement Systems-Based Practice (posted August 2004)
System-Based Practice (posted August 2004)
Strategies for Implementing ACGME Core Competencies (posted August 2003)
Managing the ACGME Core Competencies (posted June 2003)


Word Files
Primary Care Chart Audit Tool (posted May 2009)
Primary Care Chart Audit Survey (posted May 2009)
Systems Based Bibliography (posted August 2003)
Evaluating Surgical Competency (posted August 2003)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Evaluation Form (posted June 2003)
Professional Associate Questionnaire (posted June 2003)
Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (posted June 2003)

Focused Assessment of Competency (FAC) (posted June 2003)
Surgical Skills Focused Assessment Competency (S-FAC) (posted June 2003)
Communication Skills Focused Assessment of Competency (C-FAC) (posted June 2003)
Practiced-Based Learning and Improvement Clinical Topic Review Log (posted June 2003)
The CREOG Competency Task Force would like you to review the information provided, and if you have any questions, submit them to CREOG now. You can email questions to

The Competency Task Force Members: Diane Hartmann, MD, Chair, Jessica L. Bienstock, MD, Mary C. Ciotti, MD, Dee E. Fenner, MD, Tina Foster, MD, MPH, Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH, Lee A. Learman, MD, PhD, Rebecca P. McAlister, MD, Mark B. Woodland, MD. Staff: Sterling B. Williams, MD,MS, DeAnne Nehra.

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