Professional Development Programs

Each year ACOG has several prestigious programs that allow its members to further their advocacy and leadership skills. 

Ob-Gyn Resident Reporter Program

Purpose: Selected Junior Fellows are given complimentary attendance to several events during the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting.  In return, Junior Fellows are asked to inform their peers about the event and their experiences.

Description/Criteria: Awarded Residents attend a myriad of activities during their attendance at the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting beginning with a welcome reception on Thursday.  Other items on their agenda include attending Junior Fellow Day presentations, 3-hour postgraduate courses, Lunch with the Experts roundtable sessions, colloquia presentations such as the Gerald and Barbara Holzman Stump the Professors, and clinical seminars.  They are also invited to attend the ACOG welcome reception and convocation.

Application Process: Interested candidates should notify their District Chair of their interest by January 31.  There is no formal application process. District Chairs receive a letter of invitation on December 1 and the deadline for resident name submission is February 2.  Residents are notified February 15-20.

ACOG ContactWanda Proctor at or 202-314-2344

Gellhaus Resident Advocacy Fellowship

Purpose: To provide senior ob-gyn residents exposure to health care policy at the federal level.

Description/Criteria: The Gellhaus Resident Advocacy Fellowship, named in honor of its founder, Dr. Thomas Gellhaus, is designed to provide senior ob-gyn residents exposure at health care policy at federal level in Washington, DC, as their resident elective.

Application Process: Applications are due March 20 to Mary Schilling. One resident is selected for the National sponsorship each year, while two others are selected by their Districts each year on a rotating basis. 

ACOG Contact: Mary Schilling at or 202-863-2512

McCain Advocacy Fellowship

Purpose: To provide exposure to policy development and the legislative process.

Description/Criteria: The John McCain Memorial Fellowship provides selected ACOG Fellows with firsthand exposure to policy development and the legislative process in the federal and state governments. District IV founded the Fellowship in 1981 in memory of Dr. John McCain, a strong advocate for ACOG’s Government Affairs program. Fellowship is 2-4 weeks in Washington, DC. Application deadline is November 30.

ACOG Contact: Mary Schilling at or 202-863-2512



Purpose: To share ideas and information as well as broaden the education of the future leaders of our specialty, raise awareness of women’s health care, learn about the environments in which we practice and increase the collegiality among ACOG and the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (JSOG).

Description/Criteria: ACOG and JSOG participate in an annual exchange of their leaders and young physicians. Even and odd numbered Districts will rotate selecting one third or fourth-year Junior Fellow Resident of ACOG every other year.

Application: Each District can develop their own process for selection. Contact your District Manager for details.

ACOG Contact: Jennifer Ingalls at or 202-863-2501


Robert C. Cefalo Leadership Institute

Purpose: To learn non-traditional leadership skills.

Description/Criteria: Talented OB-GYNs are needed to create the future for American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and its 58,000 members. However, leading a transformation in women's healthcare requires more than a thorough knowledge of medicine and a honed bedside manner. It requires an understanding of transformation and change in the context of understanding oneself and others. Physicians who will be leaders need to understand the critical issues of cost-effective care and using epidemiological evidence to guide policy recommendations. Physician leaders must negotiate in these challenging economic times and increasingly physicians who are leaders are looked to as translators of complex scientific medical findings into simple, understandable language for the media as well as other physicians.  Transform your leadership skills at ACOG’s Cefalo National Leadership Institute—a program with demonstrated impact. See website for details.

ACOG Contact: Donna Kovacheva at or 202-863-2539


The Massingill Family Scholarship 

Purpose: This scholarship will support one annual attendee to the Robert C. Cefalo Leadership Institute, located at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  The successful applicant must demonstrate an interest in family planning and advocacy. The scholarship includes course fees, meals, pre-and post-testing, as well as lodging and a stipend for ground transportation, as per ACOG’s travel guidelines.
Description/Criteria: Working in and advocating for family planning requires leadership skills that may not be taught in medical school.  The Robert C. Cefalo Leadership Institute provides invaluable training on how to build a team, break down complex issues for the public, and how to speak with the media. In a follow-up study, 96% of attendees felt that they had made changes in their communication and leadership approaches based on their experience in the course. Take your skills to the next level by applying for a scholarship today. This scholarship is open to young physicians (ACOG Fellows who have been Fellows eight years or less) who can demonstrate an interest in family planning and advocacy. 
See website for current dates and details.  Application, curriculum vitae and letter of recommendation are required.  Due November 1.
ACOG Contact:  Kathleen Kenny at


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