Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI)

ACOG is leading an effort in partnership with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American College of Physicians (ACP), and the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH) to improve the well-being of women across the country by providing recommendations to update the Women’s Preventive Services Guidelines, and to develop new recommendations.

These guidelines help clinicians determine which screenings and other preventive health services they should routinely offer to patients. They also serve as the basis for insurance coverage at no cost sharing to the patient and are an integral part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In March 2016, HRSA awarded for a five-year cooperative agreement to ACOG to update these guidelines and subsequently to develop additional recommendations to enhance women’s overall health care. 

In March ACOG launched the Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI).  See additional information at the WPSI website.

A multidisciplinary steering committee headed by ACOG is charged with updating nine IOM recommendations:

  • Well woman preventive visits

  • Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus

  • Cervical cancer screening

  • Counseling for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

  • Screening for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

  • Contraception and contraceptive counseling

  • Breastfeeding services and equipment

  • Screening for interpersonal and domestic violence

  • Breast cancer screening for average risk women

Draft recommendations were posted for public comment from September 1 to September 30, 2016. 

Final recommendations are then submitted to be considered for adoption by HRSA and insurance coverage by the Affordable Care Act.


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