The ACOG UPDATE, a continuing medical education audio program, keeps users up to date on vital issues in clinical ob-gyn practice.  Each 60-minute digitally recorded audio CD features expert panel discussions providing the most recent clinical information and insights.

Audio CDs come with a printed transcript that include learning objectives, a self-evaluation quiz, a list of supplementary reading materials, and a post-test containing 12 multiple choice questions.  Users can earn up to 36 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM or 36 Category 1 cognate credits per volume year.


  • With each audio CD / printed transcript subscription, users receive:

    • A 60-minute audio CD, edited for clarity and content

    • A printed transcript containing learning objectives, multiple-choice pre- and post-test questions, and a list of supplementary reading materials

    • Test forms to mail in 

  • With all subscriptions users can access their account online any time at ACOG UPDATE to: 

    • Listen to the audio recording by streaming to any device or download in MP3 format 

    • Read the transcript or download in PDF format 

    • Take tests and print out CME Certificate of Completion and test scores immediately 


  • Convenient, monthly roundtable discussions keep users up to date on the latest findings in women's health by authorities chosen for their specialized expertise in a given subject area

  • Earn up to 36 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM or 36 Category 1 cognate credits per volume year

  • Free online testing and downloading of MP3 audio and PDF text field

  • Ability to upload to a mobile audio player and listen anywhere

  • Ability to take the multiple choice test online and review and print test scores

  • Ability to print CME Certificate of Completion online and have it sent each year by mail

  • Fellows and Jr. Fellows have their CME credits entered into their ACOG records automatically 





Audio CDs, Printed Transcripts, Test Forms, Storage Album, including online access & free shipping



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