Message from the President: Reducing maternal mortality at home and abroad

Dr. Jeanne A. ConryJeanne A. Conry, MD, PhD, President

Ob-gyns dedicate themselves to improving women’s health care not just at the patient level, but throughout their communities and even on a global scale. In this issue, you’ll read about ACOG Fellows who are working to improve maternal and child health by volunteering their services outside the US. It’s meaningful, rewarding, and inspiring work.

Medical societies, universities, and other partners are looking anew at this concept of global health, recognizing that it needs to be so much more than visiting a country for a few days to provide immediate, short-term health care.

We need to work with local health care systems, organizations, and clinicians to help create sustainable, effective programs that will stay in the country. To really improve outcomes, we need a true and deep collaboration that will bring about changes in the health care systems and the greater societies. This type of collaboration is what ACOG is aiming for through its Office of Global Women’s Health.

There’s also much work that needs to be done here at home. During my presidential inauguration at the Annual Clinical Meeting in May, I was proud to announce the National Maternal Health Initiative, aimed at improving maternal health outcomes. ACOG will serve a key role, particularly around two of the five goals: well-woman health care and safety and quality in maternity care.

I look forward to keeping you updated on these and other important initiatives throughout my presidential year.


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