Medical Education: Have You Seen PROLOG's New Features?

The Personal Review of Learning in Obstetrics and Gynecology (PROLOG) series is well known for keeping ob-gyns and other health care professionals up to date on all topics relevant to the field. Now, the series has done some updating of its own.

To better meet the needs of our members, the assessments for all PROLOG volumes are now available online. With the introduction of the online assessment comes immediate access to test scores, the ability to retake the test as many times as needed, and instant CME certification upon successful completion of the test.

Play PROLOG Games

All online assessments now come with PROLOG Games—a new feature which allows you to stay current on the information you've studied even after you've taken the assessment for CME credits. Using questions from all your purchased PROLOG assessments, PROLOG Games gives you four great ways to test your knowledge and speed:

  • Classic Quiz: Traditional review at your own pace
  • Beat the Clock: Answer as many questions as you can in a timed challenge
  • Hot Streak: How many questions can you answer correctly in a row?
  • Marathon: Gain or lose time based on your answers…how long can you last?

All residents in programs affiliated with ACOG have complimentary access to PROLOG Games for the duration of their residency.

Read PROLOG On the Go

Not only are the assessments online, but five PROLOG editions are available as eBooks in addition to the printed versions (Obstetrics, Eighth edition will be available as an eBook in January 2018). The eReader format allows you to access the PROLOG Critique and Assessment books from the comfort of your computer or tablet. Plus, you can download the eBook on up to three devices!

Test out all of these new features in the recently revised edition of PROLOG Patient Management in the Office. Learn more about Patient Management in the Office from the January 2017 ACOG Rounds article.

PROLOG works as a personal study resource for practicing ob-gyns. Each edition includes an assessment comprising clinically oriented multiple-choice questions designed to stimulate and challenge readers. Each edition also comes with the Critique Book, which serves as a handy reference guide, offers an explanation and discussion of each question in the assessment, and includes a review of educational objectives.

All editions in the PROLOG series cover key areas of obstetrics and gynecology and offer up to 25 CME credits per volume upon completion of the assessment. See a full list of PROLOG volumes below:

Purchase the Complete Set and Save

You can purchase the entire Seventh edition series now and earn up to 139 CME credits! The complete set includes print editions of all PROLOG volumes and online assessments for each. Order the full set here.

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