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Hal C. Lawrence III, MD, Executive Vice President and CEO

For the September 2015 edition of ACOG Rounds, I am pleased to highlight a few key articles that embody the breadth and depth of ACOG’s activities—from working for our ob-gyns on liability insurance issues to endorsing clinical guidance to supporting global women’s health.

Who Will Deliver America’s Babies? ACOG President Dr. Mark DeFrancesco discusses a stark professional realization facing ob-gyns: Liability concerns are negatively impacting women’s health care as we cannot sustain paying the high liability insurance premiums and dealing with lawsuits in delivering babies and performing surgical procedures, particularly in high risk patients. Read more on this topic in Dr. DeFrancesco’s blog post about professional liability for ob-gyns, and visit ACOG’s website for the results of ACOG’s 2015 Survey on Professional Liability.

Screening Pregnant Women for Hepatitis B Infection: ACOG recently endorsed clinical guidance about identifying HBsAg-positive (hepatitis B infected) pregnant women and administering timely post-exposure prophylaxis in infancy. This important guidance on HBsAg-postive pregnant women was developed in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and partners from health departments, commercial laboratories, and other professional organizations to include pregnancy status in laboratory test reports sent to health departments.

Improving Global Women’s Health in Zambia. ACOG is proud of our active support for global women’s health activities. In a story that demonstrates the critical involvement of ob-gyns in improving health outcomes for women in developing countries, you’ll read about a recent visit to Zambia as part of ACOG’s involvement in Saving Mothers, Giving Life. While there, our ob-gyns worked to train local health care workers in the use of uterine balloon tamponade (UBT), a low-cost solution for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), which is the most common cause of maternal morbidity and mortality in developing countries. You can find information and news about the mission and programs of ACOG’s Office of Global Women’s Health in a newly launched section of ACOG’s website:

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