Patient Education: Preview Another Chapter from ACOG’s Pregnancy Book, Available for a Limited Time to ACOG Members

Take advantage of another opportunity to preview a free chapter of ACOG’s Pregnancy Book.

Beginning now and throughout October, members can sample information on month 5 of pregnancy, including tips for your patients on:

  • Starting to feel the baby move for the first time
  • Potential discomforts such as nasal congestion and nosebleeds
  • Nutrition information (including precautions for eating fish and seafood)

Log-in now with your ACOG credentials to read this free chapter and see for yourself why the ACOG Pregnancy Book makes a welcome addition to any newly-pregnant patient’s care package from you. The book is a great resource for patients and an effective informational and (yes) marketing tool for you and your practice.

The availability of this content from Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month, Sixth Edition, is a helpful tool from ACOG that’s available for members each month exclusively in ACOG Rounds.

Here’s the list of chapter previews: 

Ready to Buy Now?

To purchase  copies at a bulk discount rate to share with your obstetric patients, visit the ACOG e-commerce page to purchase Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month, Sixth Edition.

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