Membership & Fellowship: Connect Professionally and Personally through Mentorship

Successful people often credit their achievements to the guidance of their mentors. As ACOG President Thomas M. Gellhaus, MD, stated in his inaugural address, “Each of us is a mentor in some way to someone, though it may not be evident until years later.”

ACOG recognizes the importance of having strong mentors, and believes that all ob-gyns, in every stage of their career, should benefit from this type of relationship.

That’s why the ACOG Mentorship Program has gone national and is now open to all members. You can sign up to become a mentor or mentee, and develop a career-changing relationship that grows into a lifelong bond.

Becoming a doctor, obtaining work/life balance, staying up to date on guidelines—these are difficult feats all physicians face. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

Sign up to be a Mentee: Get matched with an experienced ob-gyn who is willing to help you reach your professional and personal goals. Whether you’re transitioning out of residency or trying to avoid burnout, your mentoring relationship will reflect your individual needs.

Become a Mentor: Did you have important people in your life that helped guide you over the years? Maybe you’d like to pay it forward. ACOG’s Mentorship Program provides an opportunity to give back and help guide the next generation of ob-gyns.

The Mentorship Program connects more experienced ob-gyns with younger physicians (including those new to practice, Junior Fellows, and medical students) through a formal mentor-mentee matching program, and informal facilitated networking at meetings and events.

Learn more at the Mentorship Program webpage, or email 

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