Medical Education: New! Earn CME Credit with CMECases

To help our members stay current on the latest scientific information and optimal practices, ACOG has partnered with CaseNetwork to produce CMECases, a groundbreaking online CME program. This program consists of a series of simulated patient encounters that help you sharpen your patient management skills in areas that interest you. The cases cover a variety of obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, urogynecology and reproductive endocrinology topics encountered daily by the practicing physician. 

“ACOG is excited to offer this new online CME program to improve the knowledge, communication, and professionalism of our members,” says Sandra Carson, MD, ACOG Vice President of Education. “It is an important addition to the outstanding ACOG education portfolio meant to advance women’s healthcare through continuing medical education, practice, research, and advocacy.” 

With the shifting landscape for care, expanding body of medical knowledge, and increasing demands on physicians, a more efficient and effective method for continuing medical education is needed. 


  • Case-based education (realistic simulated patient encounters)
  • Decision oriented learning (improves retention and application of new knowledge to your clinical practice)
  • Evidence-based medicine (up-to-date evidence supported by ACOG's Practice Guidelines and Committee Opinions)
  • Media-rich content (that will challenge you, engage you and give you immediate feedback on your answers)
  • "Virtual Experts" (provide contextualized learning, guidance, and mentoring)
  • Immediate CME certificates (upon successfully completing the cases)

The modules begin with a patient encounter, allow the physician to
 solicit a medical history, virtually examine the patient and suggest a diagnosis. Interactive content allows the physician to be evaluated on each step of the evaluation and management. Of course, consistent with ACOG guidelines, CMECases discuss alternatives of management providing images of tests, videos of procedures and discussions of both the correct and incorrect answers.   


CMECases provides a modern and engaging approach to CME,” says Jeffrey Levy, MD, Founder and CEO of CaseNetwork. CMECases incorporates decision-oriented learning, evidence-based medicine, media-rich content, and “Virtual Experts” that provide contextualized learning, guidance, and mentoring.” 

You can choose from 7 CME packets:

  • Group 1: Gynecology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 2: Obstetrics (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits) 
  • Group 3: Gynecology/Urogynecology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 4: Obstetrics/Maternal Fetal Medicine (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 5: Oncology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 6: Reproductive Endocrinology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 7: Ob-Gyn Review (48 cases = all the CME credits you need for the entire year)

Sign up for CMECases. Please use your ACOG member email address when creating an account with CaseNetwork. 

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