Medical Education: Join Us for Breast Cancer Awareness Month—Watch October’s "Did You Know?" Video

Did you know ACOG opposes some cost-cutting proposals that restrict ob-gyns from ordering important genetic tests for patients?

Did you know ACOG recommends breast self-awareness instead of breast self-exams as a method of breast cancer self-screening?

ACOG’s “Did You Know?” video series features monthly videos themed to coincide with national and international health awareness months. Each video highlights unique and useful information from ACOG’s physician vice presidents.    

ACOG leadership joined forces to create short, engaging videos that provide important information about a variety of subjects for you and your patients. You will hear straight from ACOG Vice President of Education Sandra Carson, MD, Executive Vice President and CEO Hal Lawrence, MD,  Vice President of Health Policy Barbara Levy, MD, and Vice President, Practice Activities Chris Zahn, MD, who all star in the “Did You Know?” video series.

In January, ACOG’s vice presidents brought you vital information about pap test frequency, cervical health resources, and other information for women of all ages.

For Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month in April, we learned about approaches to discussing a patient’s sexual dysfunction, ideas on counselling elderly patients, and tips on preventing sexually transmitted infection. 

In May, Dr. Lawrence delved into information on bone health, noting that “there is more to bone health than what meets the eye.” 

The videos for September, Menopause Awareness Month, focused on menopause, hormone therapy, and ACOG’s fight to remove barriers to safe and effective care.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we will cover updates on breast cancer screening research, tips on integrating cancer screening into the annual well woman visit, and much, much more.

Take a moment to check out the videos—you will surely find something of value in the clips from Drs. Carson, Lawrence, Levy, and Zahn.

Watch October’s videos on breast cancer awareness.

And, stay tuned for more videos in November…

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