Advocacy & Health Policy: Trump Administration Rolls Back Contraceptive Coverage

The Trump administration has moved to end coverage of contraceptives for women across the country by making it easier for employers and others to qualify for religious and moral exemptions. The rules, released by the Departments of Health and Human Services, Treasury and Labor put at risk over 62 million women with private insurance who now have access to this integral part of preventive care.

ACOG Stands Strong for Women’s Health

ACOG immediately denounced the actions by the Trump administration, and released a "Facts are Important" document to set the record straight on contraceptives. At a rally in front of the White House, ACOG President Haywood L. Brown, MD, made it clear that contraception is an essential part of women’s health, and these rules interfere in the personal health care decisions of patients by inappropriately inserting a patient’s employer into the exam room. Dr. Brown exclaimed, “Take it away? No way!”

ACOG President L. Haywood Brown, MD, (left) speaking 
in front of the White House at a rally to protect birth control
coverage for women.

ACOG’s Arizona section said in a statement, “Access to affordable birth control has been critical to the women of Arizona, and now over 1 million women will be at risk of losing their contraceptive coverage on an employer’s whim.”

ACOG’s Missouri section addressed medical inaccuracies by the administration in its equating contraception with an abortifacient, the correlation between contraception use and sexual activity, as well as health risks associated with contraceptives.

State Governments React

Currently, Washington state, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California are moving forward with lawsuits to block President Donald Trump’s actions.

ACOG will continue to fight to ensure these actions are quickly struck down and not a single woman loses access to coverage to contraceptives due to an employer’s or politician’s desire to meddle in her personal health care decisions. 

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