Advocacy & Health Policy: Thanks to its Members, ACOG Sees Multiple Wins

Since the launch of “All-In for Advocacy”, ACOG has seen an increase in mobilization on every level. From addiction treatment to Zika funding, ACOG has expanded its visibility in our nation’s capital and statehouses across the country.

More of our members are advocating for our specialty, which has resulted in multiple 2016 advocacy wins, Notable achievements include:

Zika Funding

In September, President Barack Obama signed the continuing resolution (CR), which included $1.1 billion to address the public health emergency caused by the Zika virus.  

Read our statement on Congress’ passage of the funding package.

Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) Implementation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final rule after months of negotiation. The changes are:

  • Physicians can choose their level of participation during the first year of implementation
  • Ob-gyns will be included in Medical Home Models

Opioid Treatment for Women

In July, President Obama signed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) into law. This law will help prevent and treat opioid misuse and support individuals in recovery. Also included is the Improving Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women Act, a 2016 Congressional Leadership Conference Ask, which promotes healthy outcomes by:

  • Supporting residential treatment programs for women and their families
  • Addressing service delivery gaps by encouraging new and innovative approaches to care, including services provided in non-residential settings

Ending the Year Strong

Let’s advocate to keep our specialty’s priorities at the forefront of the agenda in the final days of the 114th Congress and finish off the year with more wins under our belt.

ACOG’s Government Affairs team will ensure that you have the opportunity to join this advocacy effort by creating a virtual advocacy resource for ACOG members to utilize.

Be sure to keep up with the Government Affairs e-newsletter, ACOG News, for more information on advocacy opportunities.

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