Patient Education Tip of the Month: Preeclampsia Awareness

Are your patients aware of the signs of Preeclampsia? Pass along trusted information about the disorder from ACOG:

Preeclampsia is a high blood pressure disorder that can occur during pregnancy or soon after childbirth. If not recognized and treated, preeclampsia can cause serious complications and even death for both a woman and her baby. If you are pregnant, learn the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia: swelling of hands and feet, a headache that will not go away, seeing spots or having blurred vision, pain in the upper right area of the abdomen or shoulder pain, nausea and vomiting (in the second half of pregnancy), sudden weight gain, and difficulty breathing. If you have any of these symptoms, especially if they occur in the second half of pregnancy, contact your health care professional right away.

To read more, read FAQ 034 Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy.

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