Patient Education: Ob-Gyns Find ACOG Patient Education ePamphlets Helpful in Digital World

If you are looking for different options to provide patient education to patients, you’re not alone.It is clear from the volume of questions we received at the Annual Meeting this year that ACOG’s Patient Education ePamphlet Subscription is becoming a popular alternative to the traditional printed pamphlets. As more practices are going digital, the ePamphlet Subscription offers patients a way to receive the latest in patient education from ACOG.

Unfamiliar with ACOG's ePamphlets? For an annual fee, this web-based service includes all 275 English and Spanish patient education pamphlets as a printable file. With the ePamphlet subscription, you can do all of the following with a few keystrokes:

  • Customize ePamphlets with physician name/practice name and contact information
  • Provide unlimited access to and printing of every ACOG pamphlet (both English and Spanish versions)
  • Print ePamphlets on your office printer in either black-and-white or color
  • Search for ePamphlets by topic
  • Save frequently used ePamphlets for future easy reference

As an added bonus, subscribers can provide links to all of the patient education “Frequently Asked Questions” on their practice’s web sites. At the annual meeting, we learned that some practices even have a computer in their waiting rooms specifically for patients to browse through the entire collection of FAQs and ePamphlets.  

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we received from members at the Annual Meeting:

  • Are all of the pamphlets available via the ePamphlet Subscription? Yes. One annual fee gives you access to all 275 patient education pamphlets. With the ePamphlet Subscription, there’s no need to track, order, or store paper pamphlets.


  • Are the ePamphlets the most recent versions? Yes. This is a key advantage of the ePamphlet Subscription. The current version of each pamphlet, as well as brand-new pamphlets on new topics, are uploaded as soon as they become available. You can be assured that the information you give your patients is up to date.


  • Can I upload ePamphlets into my EMR (Electronic Medical Records)? Not yet, but we’re working on solutions. Expect to hear more about this feature next year.


  • Are the Spanish versions available as ePamphlets, too? Yes. The Spanish ePamphlets are included as part of the subscription.


  • Is this subscription available through my iPad? Yes, ePamphlets are accessible through a PC or iPad.


If you would like more information to determine if this product is right for your practice environment, please visit our online bookstore or call 800-762-2264.

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