Advocacy & Health Policy: All-In for Women's Primary Care

As more women enter Medicaid, and as more people on Medicaid cannot find a doctor, states have an important role to play in improving women’s access to primary care. Medicaid to Medicare parity (or the primary care pay bump) boosts patients’ access to health care by reimbursing Medicaid providers at Medicare rates for a designated set of E&M and vaccine administration codes. 

Absent these reforms, Medicaid pays only a fraction of what Medicare pays for similar care in most states, leaving women covered, but vulnerable without access to ob-gyn care. The federal version of this program, which expired in 2014, showed promise in boosting access to patients’ access to physicians, but wrongly did not include ob-gyns. 

Now states are leading the way for reform. As 20 states and DC work to continue the primary care pay bump in their own budgets, it is important that women’s health care is a part of the equation.

We need your help to get all states on board so that Medicaid-insured women and their doctors are not left behind.  Your state can raise Medicaid primary care rates to Medicare levels for ob-gyns.

Click here to learn what you can do to help get this program underway in your state.

Another way that you can go all-in for women’s primary care: Sign up for ACOG’s upcoming webinar, on May 29 at 12pm EDT, which is free and open to all!!

Led by ACOG President, Mark DeFrancesco, MD, MBA, the webinar will feature experts on the topic who will impart attendees with knowledge about ob-gyn inclusion in the Medicaid parity program and advocating at the state level for enhanced Medicaid reimbursement. The webinar will occur Friday, May 29, 2015, at 12:00 PM EDT.

Together, ACOG and our Fellows are going ALL-IN FOR WOMEN’S PRIMARY CARE.

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