Practice Updates: Female Athlete Triad

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Featured Committee Opinion: Female Athlete Triad

The female athlete triad is a medical condition which stems from the energy imbalance that occurs when dietary energy intake minus exercise expenditure doesn’t leave adequate energy for remaining body functions. ACOG recommends assessing active female patients for components of the triad: 1) low energy availability with or without disordered eating, 2) menstrual dysfunction, and 3) low bone density, and performing further evaluation if one or more components are identified.

A team approach involving the patient, ob–gyn, sports nutritionist, coaches, parents, and mental health care provider, if indicated, is optimal for treating the female athlete triad. Diet and activity modification are the most important aspects of treatment. The overall goal is the restoration of regular menses, which is the clinical marker for energy balance. There is a common misconception that birth control pills can treat female athlete triad, but studies show they have little effect on restoring bone mass density and can make it more difficult to use menstruation as a marker of recovery.

Committee Opinion 702: Female Athlete Triad is available in the June 2017 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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