Practice Management: Transform Your Hospital’s Quality of Care and Reduce Risk with VRQC

Every hospital and ob-gyn department is unique – but as physicians, we all share the desire to improve the quality of care that we provide for our patients. How to achieve this goal, though, is often unclear and confusing; many physicians don’t know where to start, and often problems exist at an institutional level. This is why more hospitals need the VRQC program.  

What is VRQC?

Since its launch in 1986, ACOG’s Voluntary Review of Quality of Care (VRQC) program has improved the quality of care for women in hospitals nationwide by offering unbiased, customized site visits, and providing meaningful analysis and recommendations.

What Can VRQC Do for Me?

Most hospitals lack the ability to gauge how their practice is performing from an objective standpoint. These confidential, multidisciplinary site visits are approached from a place of constructive criticism and helping to improve a system, rather than disparaging or denouncing a hospital’s operations.

No other peer review provides you with a comprehensive evaluation using ACOG guidelines, conducted by respected, actively practicing ACOG members. From poor communication to a high induction of labor rate, VRQC reviewers have seen it all. A VRQC review will allow your department to make the changes it needs to improve its position for value-based payments and provide the best care possible for your patients.

Every ob-gyn department, no matter how outstanding its care, can benefit from a comprehensive review by the VRQC Program.

How Does VRQC Work?

Hospitals may request a review for a variety of reasons:

  • To ensure they are providing safe and high quality care
  • To confirm they are practicing within ACOG’s guidelines
  • To improve teamwork and trust
  • To receive recommendations for specific issues or procedures, like cesarean births

A VRQC review team is typically comprised of five reviewers. This includes a medical writer, three practicing ob-gyns, and a nurse reviewer. When needed, a family physician, an anesthesiologist, and/or a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) reviewer may be included as well for an additional fee. Ob-gyn reviewers must be board-certified Fellows of ACOG for more than five years, and all reviewers undergo training and extensive evaluations. Training sessions are held every three years.

The review process itself takes place over four days and includes:

  • A tour of the obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatology areas
  • Interviews with all relevant staff and administrative personnel
  • Review of about 50 medical charts in order to evaluate the quality of care over a period of time
  • An exit conference with a discussion of the team’s preliminary findings

The hospital receives a detailed report with findings, actionable recommendations, and ACOG resources about six to eight weeks after the site visit.

To Learn More About VRQC

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