Advocacy & Health Policy: National Maternal Health Program Is Accepting Applications to Reduce Complications of Labor and Delivery

The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM), a national program led and directed by ACOG, is currently accepting applications from interested hospitals and state programs hoping to move forward in efforts to reduce maternal complications associated with labor and delivery. 

To improve maternal health and safety, AIM works with state and hospital systems to implement consensus-derived safety practices known as bundles for the top three causes of maternal death that can be treated when diagnosed in early stages: obstetric hemorrhage, severe hypertension and venous thromboembolism. Additional bundles will focus on supporting intended vaginal births and improving postpartum care to enhance interconception care. These bundles have been developed by multidisciplinary work groups of providers. They build on the excellent work being developed by ACOG District II and state maternal quality collaborations. Partner teams provide onsite and virtual technical assistance to hospitals and state programs for the implementation of these bundles.

The Obstetric Hemorrhage and Severe Hypertension bundles are currently available on the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care website. The enrollment process is now active and AIM is accepting applications. Interested hospitals and state programs are encouraged to apply. Information on how to become an AIM state or hospital can be found here.

ACOG is pleased to support AIM through the Council for Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care, which received a 4-year, $4 million dollar grant ($1 million/year) from the federal Health Resources Services Administration in the fall of 2014. The overall goal of AIM is to prevent 1,000 maternal deaths and 100,000 cases of severe maternal morbidity nationally by 2018. To learn more about AIM enrollment:

Read the ACOG press release on the launch of AIM state-based maternal health care programs.

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