Clinical Practice: Use Version 2.1 of the ACOG App to Access Practice Bulletins

If you love all the features provided by the ACOG app, you’ll be glad to know they are more easily accessible with Version 2.1 of the app, now available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Several notable changes to the app will allow you to better access the content that will help inform your practice. For example, a one-time login for members will grant access to Practice Bulletins and Today’s Headlines without having to navigate to the ACOG website.

With Version 2.1 of the ACOG App:

  • Practice Bulletins: Members can now view all ACOG Practice Bulletins within the mobile app. After logging in only one time, you will have immediate access to this resource when using the app.
  • Today’s Headlines: Members will also be able to access previous and current Today’s Headlines articles, after a one-time login, without logging onto the website.

An additional benefit of Version 2.1 is the new way in which content gets updated within the app. Before the app was updated to Version 2.1, content updates required proactively clicking on the Update Content button. Now, content updates occur automatically in the background when connected to a wireless network.

To take advantage of Version 2.1, download the ACOG app or update your current version by visiting the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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