Patient Education: First Look: Read a Complimentary Chapter from ACOG’s Pregnancy Book

ACOG’s Patient Education department is pleased to provide members with a sample of complimentary chapters from Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month, Sixth Edition. Beginning in July, one chapter of the book will be made available to members each month, providing you with an opportunity to sample the ACOG Pregnancy book. Take advantage of these samples each month and see why your ob-gyn colleagues purchase up to 250,000 copies each year to share with their patients. Read on to find out how to access chapters as they become available, and learn about the value of ACOG’s Pregnancy Book to ob-gyns and patients alike.

For Members—Complimentary Chapters of the ACOG Pregnancy Book

Over the next six months, a different chapter from the book will be available for members each month exclusively in ACOG Rounds

  • July - Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Pregnancy (Available only from July 27 through August 27, 2015)
  • August - Chapter 2: Months 1 and 2 (Weeks 1-8)
  • September - Chapter 5: Month 5 (Weeks 17-20)
  • October - Chapter 15: Cesarean Delivery and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery
  • November - Chapter 25: Screening and Diagnostic Testing for Genetic Disorders
  • December - Chapter 30: Protecting Yourself from Infections

As the next month’s chapter is made available through ACOG Rounds, the previous month’s complimentary chapter will be removed.

Ready to purchase copies now to share with your obstetric patients? Visit the e-commerce page for Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month, Sixth Edition.

Advantages for the OB Practice

Many fellows report making Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month, Sixth Edition an important part of a “care package” for their newly pregnant patients. Ob-gyns from all types of practices tell us that the ACOG Pregnancy book helps them to connect with and provide expertise to their patients. When moms-to-be are reading content from many sources, the ACOG Pregnancy Book provides trusted, peer-reviewed information that follows ACOG’s guidelines. It’s especially important that women have trusted, accurate content at this important time in their lives. Providing the book helps to answer patient questions in advance of and in between office visits, also saving you time.

Advantages for Patients

Moms-to-be actively seek books and information, reading three to five books as part of preconception, conception and pregnancy. Obstetric patients can easily find answers to their questions in language and content that is clear, succinct and understandable. It also offers beautiful illustrations that are sure to capture readers and visually aid comprehension.

Copies of ACOG’s Pregnancy Book

ACOG’s Pregnancy Book offers the best of both worlds, serving as an engaging, authoritative, and indispensable resource for you and your patients. To order this book to share with your patients, visit ACOG’s e-commerce site:


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