Membership & Fellowship: Nail Your Next Networking Event with These Tips from ACOG’s Career Connection

Are you interested in a new professional opportunity? You know that networking is an important factor, but perhaps you feel unprepared or don’t know how to network effectively. Sure, you know the basics—bring plenty of business cards and make a good introduction—but there other factors to contend with.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind before heading off to your next networking event:

  • Dress to impress, but also dress to be comfortably in synch with the event and organization. Your shoes should be comfortable enough to allow you to stand for at least a couple of hours, and your clothing should look professional but allow you to move freely. Heed your organization’s dress code and keep the venue in mind.
  • Read body language before approaching someone new. When you’re meeting new people, your actions speak just as loudly as your words. These guidelines will enable you to determine whether or not to approach someone you meet, based on his or her body language.
  • Turn your business cards into digital contacts. Take advantage of the most efficient way to hold on to business cards by using an app to scan and save business cards to your device of choice.
  • Find a safe place to rehearse your networking skills. Find a practical, instructional event like your local ACOG section or Annual District Meeting. You’ll have the chance to practice networking with folks who understand the difficulties of walking into a room of strangers.

If you’ve already mastered juggling a drink while shaking hands and exchanging business cards, you can start to focus on becoming more engaging and approachable or actively listening during a conversation.

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