Clinical Practice: Take AIM at Preventing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in 2016

With the United States ranking among the highest in maternal mortality, it has never been more important for ob-gyns to install important safety measures to reduce complications of pregnancy and childbirth. In collaboration with its core partners, ACOG is the lead agency committed to reducing US maternal mortality by 1,000 maternal deaths and severe maternal morbidity by 100,000 events over the course of four years, 2015–2018, through the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program. And, we need your help.

In 2016, AIM will focus on the six US states with the highest maternal mortality rates: Oklahoma, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, and Illinois. AIM will provide intensive technical assistance to support the implementation of maternal safety bundles in each participating AIM state and birth hospital.

Maternal safety bundles are consistent maternity care best practices developed and vetted by the multidisciplinary women’s health professional organizations. They provide actionable measures to prevent ‘denial and delay’ when treating severe maternal complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

These maternal safety bundles (also known as Patient Safety Bundles) cover:

  • Obstetric Hemorrhage
  • Severe Hypertension/Preeclampsia
  • Maternal Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism
  • Safe Reduction of Primary C/S | Support for Intended Vaginal Birth
  • Postpartum Care Basics for Maternal Safety
  • Patient, Family, and Staff Support after a Severe Maternal Event

Everyone on the health care team has a role to play in preventing maternal complications and death. If you are a practicing ob-gyn, learn more about these maternal safety bundles, and engage with your hospital leadership and frontline champions to promote their implementation. If you’re practicing in one of the AIM states listed, contact your local ACOG district manager to find out how you can become involved in this national maternal safety and quality improvement initiative.

To learn more about AIM, click here to see ACOG's Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health webpage, or visit the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care Website

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