Junior Fellows and Medical Students: The Junior Fellows Get Oriented

Early in January, ACOG held its annual Junior Fellow district officer orientation, during which the new district Junior Fellow vice chairs were welcomed and provided with the tools to plan a successful term as district Junior Fellow officers. This was followed by the January Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC) interim meeting, which resulted in lively and productive discussions regarding upcoming Junior Fellow initiatives.

Junior Fellow

From left to right, the national JFCAC officers: Past Chair Meadow Good, DO; Chair Amanda Kallen, MD; Vice Chair Megan Evans, MD, MPH

The attendees gave a big thanks to President John C. Jennings, MD; Executive Vice President and CEO Hal Lawrence, MD; Immediate Past President Jeannie Conry, MD, PhD; President-Elect Mark DeFrancesco, MD, MBA; Tom Gellhaus, MD; Deputy Executive Vice President and Vice President for Fellowship, Albert Strunk, JD, MD; Vice President for Practice Activities Gerald Joseph, MD; Vice President for Advocacy Barbara Levy, MD; as well as ACOG staff and JFCAC advisor Patricia Miller, MD. All joined for the meeting and dinner and provided invaluable information, advice, and support. The Junior Fellows made it clear that they appreciate everything the leadership does for them.

Junior Fellow Day at the Annual Meeting
Junior Fellow Day at the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in San Francisco will take place on Monday, May 4. District I Junior Fellow Chair Eilean I. Myer, MD, and District IX Junior Fellow Chair Ricci R. Sylla, MD, who are co-chairs of the workgroup on contests, meetings, and programs, provided highlights:

  • ABOG information for taking the exams
  • Dr. Scott and the Honorable Dr. Nan Hayworth Junior Fellow Course: Life After Residency—Transitioning from Training to Practice, including:
    • Expanded lunch roundtable options for discussion of career and lifestyle planning (applicable to both Junior Fellows in Training and Junior Fellows in Practice)
    • Contracts and business of medicine
    • Financial planning for Junior Fellows
    • Oral board hygiene: Cleaning up your case list 

The always popular Gerald and Barbara Holzman “Stump the Professors” program will return on Tuesday, May 5. Additionally, a new offering this year is the program “Are You Smarter Than a Junior Fellow?,” which pits two veteran ob-gyns against two relative newbies in a battle of knowledge. Who will call on the Junior Fellows to bail them out? Who will have to declare, “I am not smarter than a Junior Fellow!” You’ll have to show up to find out!

Deputy Executive Vice President, and Vice President, Fellowship Activites, Albert L. Strunk, JD, MD, addresses the Junior Fellow officers. 

Junior Fellow Legislative Activities
District II Junior Fellow Chair Kasandra Scales, MD, MPH, and the legislative work group are in the process of finalizing a group of interactive modules designed to teach ob-gyn trainees the importance of advocacy and to provide information on how to get involved. Be on the lookout for more updates as this exciting initiative moves forward. Additionally, Junior Fellow participation in the PAC and the Congressional Leadership Conference, which takes place March 8–10, continues to increase exponentially each year. If you know a Junior Fellow who is interested in advocacy, please encourage him or her to attend and donate.

ACOG Awareness and Medical Student Recruitment
District V Junior Fellow Chair Rosalyn E. Maben-Feaster, MD, and District VI Junior Fellow Chair Tashera Perry, MD, are finalizing an “ACOG Primer” specifically geared toward Junior Fellows. The presentation will be available by the time the Junior Fellows meet again in San Francisco, and it is anticipated that this will be an excellent addition to ob-gyn intern orientations around the country. Along these lines, a new ACOG program liaison position was piloted at the interim meeting, with the goal of increasing ACOG Junior Fellow involvement to all residency programs around the country.

The Junior Fellows also reviewed the Junior Fellow Leadership Survey, piloted by Armed Forces District Junior Fellow Chair Kristen Zeligs, MD, and District XI Junior Fellow Chair Helen Dunnington, MD. It showed that interest runs high in Junior Fellow leadership positions. If your residency does not have a residency liaison position, or if you know a Junior Fellow who’d like to get more involved, please reach out to your district’s Junior Fellow officers for more information or visit our website:

Other Business
JFCAC Past Chair Meadow M. Good, DO, is unable to be with her colleagues in San Francisco—she is expecting an arrival in the form of a new baby boy around that time!—so the JFs sent her off in style with a new diaper bag and some associated goodies. They also sent her off with something equally exciting: a recommendation for the AMA Foundation’s Excellence in Medicine Leadership award. Congratulations from everyone on the JFCAC for this exciting nomination.

All together now: The JFCAC officers

Section Officer Leadership Development Program
Leadership looks forward to welcoming all incoming section Junior Fellow vice chairs to Washington, DC, for the annual Section Officer Leadership Development Program on March 7, 2015.

As always, Junior Fellows remain dedicated to women’s health and to designing programs and initiatives to support residents, fellows, and new ob-gyns. Please feel free to reach out to JFCAC Chair Amanda Kallen, MD, at any point with questions or comments. Amanda looks forward to seeing you in San Francisco! Her email is

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