Clinical Practice: Give It Your Best Shot: ACOG’s Immunization Program

Immunization is one of the greatest public health achievements of all time, and maternal immunization is increasingly recognized as critical to the health of women—and their children. Are you taking advantage of this preventive service and protecting your patients against potentially life-threatening illnesses?

ACOG recommends that all adults receive an annual influenza vaccine, but it is particularly important that women who are or will be pregnant during influenza season receive an influenza vaccine. Influenza vaccination protects pregnant women from an increased risk of serious illness due to seasonal and pandemic influenza and provides newborns with protection from influenza before they can be vaccinated at six months.

ACOG also recommends that all pregnant women receive a Tdap vaccine, preferably between 27 and 36 weeks of each pregnancy to provide every newborn with protective antibodies against pertussis during the critical first two to three months of life, before they can begin a vaccine series against pertussis.

ACOG’s Immunization Department and Immunization Expert Work Group have worked diligently to increase provider education and encourage more ob-gyns to vaccinate and refer for vaccinations if they aren’t offered in their practice. The program offers resources ranging from patients’ frequently asked questions on vaccine-preventable disease to immunization coding information for ob-gyns.

ACOG’s Immunization Department was recognized in 2014 with two national awards for its work to increase adult immunization rates: the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit Adult Immunization Champion and the American Society for Association Executives Power of A.

Check out ACOG’s immunization resources available to you via the Immunization for Women website:

The ACOG smartphone app features an interactive immunization section that you can use to help determine which immunizations your patients may need.

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