Membership & Fellowship: Do You Know What ACOG’s Resource Center Can Do for You as an ACOG Member?

Are you looking for journal articles for an upcoming conference or lecture? Need background material for an article you’re authoring? Can’t find a copy of a piece you wrote that you want to include in your CV? Seeking information on patient care? ACOG has member benefits that can help: Contact the College’s Resource Center for a free literature search.

The Resource Center is the library of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It provides literature searches on obstetric and gynecologic topics as a member benefit. A sampling of some recent topics that our Resource Center librarians have researched:

  • Intrauterine growth restriction
  • Use of prescription drugs during pregnancy
  • Sleep disturbances during menopause
  • Patients’ perceptions of the safety of various types of contraceptives
  • Reproductive healthcare for incarcerated women

When contacting the Resource Center with a search request, send us an email to: Please provide as much detail as possible about your topic of interest, including how you intend to use the information, your audience, whether you would like us to limit our search by year, and your deadline, if any. We will then search Medline and, depending on the topic and scope, other relevant databases, such as Embase, PsycInfo, the Cochrane Library, and PubMed.

We save our results using software called RefWorks, which allows us to share our results with you and allows you to manage the references. With RefWorks, you can sort results by date or author, display short references or longer references with abstracts, create bibliographies, and share results with others. We will send you a link to access your search results, usually by email, including detailed directions for how to manage your list of references.

RefWorks does not include full-text articles or links to the full text, so we also look through the results we find and save several potentially relevant articles from our collection of print and online journals. We also search for guidelines from the College and other organizations, if appropriate, and send those as well. The College has its own file-sharing system called ACOG SendFile, which we use to share full-text articles with you. Our correspondence will include a link where you can pick up your items.

We might also be able to help if you find articles in the search results that sound interesting but aren’t included in the list we sent you. If you think they may be relevant to your research, but you don’t have access to a medical library, contact the Resource Center and ask us to obtain the articles for you.

If you need an article that we can’t access through our resources, we can request copies through interlibrary loan using Docline, the National Library of Medicine’s document delivery system. Docline automatically routes requests to libraries that have the item; requests are typically filled by email within a few days.

We look forward to helping you with your literature search requests. To request a search from the Resource Center, email or call our reference desk at (202) 863-2518.

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