Events & Meetings: Is HPV Testing Ready to Replace the Pap? Hot Topics Debated by the Experts at the Annual Meeting

Not only is the 2016 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting an opportunity to take in the latest science, but leaders in our field will also discuss and debate current and emerging hot topics. The meeting provides ample opportunities for doctors to discuss these issues through Lunch with the Experts, Subspecialty sessions, and Colloquia keynote debates.

The Colloquia series includes five debates, one of which is the John and Marney Mathers Lecture, HPV Testing: Is It Ready to Replace the Pap? In this debate, Warner King Huh, MD, and George F. Sawaya, MD, will explore the question of whether human papillomavirus (HPV) testing for high-risk types is ready to replace cytology as a stand-alone, first-line test for cervical cancer screening among women aged 25 years and older. Discussants will review the evidence for and against each strategy and provide a rebuttal to presented arguments.

The Edith Louise Potter Memorial Lecture, If No Elective Inductions Before 39 Weeks, Why Not Induce Everyone At 39 Weeks?, is also sure to engage discussants in a promising debate. The timing of birth is a critical determinant of pregnancy outcome. Both preterm birth and post-term pregnancy are associated with an increased risk of adverse pregnancy events. While the optimal timing of birth for low-risk singleton pregnancies had yet to be determined, if pushed, many authorities would point to 39 weeks of gestation. This debate will highlight the trade-offs to both mother and fetus between routine induction of labor versus continued expectant management at 39 weeks.

Other debates at the meeting include:

Your attention to these debates, along with the more than 50 clinical seminars, 5 surgical tutorials (including a live telesurgery), and hundreds of ePosters can benefit your patients and your practice.

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