Practice Management: Have You Taken the 2015 ACOG Survey on Professional Liability Yet?

The 2015 ACOG Survey on Professional Liability is now in progress. This is the 12th professional liability survey conducted by ACOG since 1983. Data generated from our own surveys enable us to serve as effective and aggressive advocates for ob-gyns and women’s healthcare at both the federal and state levels. Accurate data can help fill the gaps left by other surveys or by special interest groups, and help ensure that ob-gyns are not excluded from new or changing legislation. 

“ACOG’s surveys on professional liability play a critical role in educating our lawmakers and the public about the liability climate and its negative effect on access to care for women across the country,” said ACOG President John C. Jennings, MD. “Continuous data collection by ACOG remains essential in the evolving healthcare landscape.”   

Participation in the survey by all U.S. Fellows and Junior Fellows in practice is crucial for the accuracy and credibility of results. But time is short: The survey must be completed by April 20, 2015.  

Do so and you will be eligible to win a $100 gift certificate to the ACOG Bookstore. Five winners will be randomly selected. Take the Liability Survey now!

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