Clinical Practice: Practice Bulletins Now on ACOG App

Are you taking advantage of the ACOG app? Now is a great time to start.

Usage of the app is growing exponentially now that all 160-plus ACOG Practice Bulletins have been added and are easily searchable by topic. The guidance you need is now at your fingertips—even without an internet connection. 

Even better, the ACOG app will send push notifications directly to your phone’s homescreen, ensuring you’re always in the know when new Practice Bulletins become available.

Keep up to date clinically, and never get caught off guard again with the ACOG app. After downloading the app, log in just once, and get uninterrupted access to Practice Bulletins and other ACOG content on the app without having to log in again. 

To Download the ACOG App:

While all 500-plus Committee Opinions have been on the app for some time, the addition of the 160-plus Practice Bulletins now provides a complete set of peer-reviewed, evidence-based guidance. 

Use these handy ACOG guidance documents to:

  • Review pertinent topics at points of care
  • Study at home after practice hours
  • Peruse between appointments with patients to stay efficient
  • Settle disagreements, including for care options and plans
  • Update their own internal guidelines at local hospitals or other work locations

Most ACOG members say that membership helps them stay clinically up to date, and one of the most important and valued ways they do so is through ACOG’s clinical practice guidelines, including Practice Bulletins.

In a recent survey, here’s what some of your peers had to say:

  • “Practice Bulletins keep you up to date.”
  • “They are critical when there are variations in treatment options.”
  • “They ensure we are all roughly pursuing the same spectrum of care.”
  • “These are very important. I want to make sure there is research behind what I do. Things change quickly.”

Younger members especially value ACOG’s consensus-like approach to developing guidelines and content and the importance of that method in making sound practice decisions. For them, the single-expert reviewer method used by UptoDate yields less reliable results.

Among other notable improvements made to the app recently are the addition of the Estimating Due Date (EDD) Calculator and Today’s Headlines: 

  • EDD Calculator: Based on guidance from ACOG and others, the EDD Calculator uses data from the last menstrual period and first accurate ultrasound to determine estimated due date. It is the most accurate Calculator on the market.
  • Today’s Headlines: Members will also be able to access previous and current Today’s Headlines articles, after a one-time login to the app, without logging onto the website.  Today’s Headlines provides a daily briefing to help keep you informed about national news affecting women's health care and the practice of obstetrics and gynecology.

See other features of the app.

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