Advocacy & Health Policy: ACOG Contributes Funds to Combat Zika In Puerto Rico

ACOG has contributed $107,500 to the CDC Foundation to address the incredible need for services to improve care for women during the Zika crisis in Puerto Rico. This total represents $100,000 committed by the ACOG national office and $7,500 by District IV, the home district for Puerto Rico. The funds will be used to support patient education and awareness, efforts to address pregnancy planning and contraception, and health care providers in Puerto Rico as they care for these women.

There are several resources needed to combat the Zika virus. Through Z-CAN (Zika Contraception Access Network), the CDC Foundation hopes to alleviate some of the clinical needs and challenges facing Puerto Rico by providing easier access to long-acting contraceptive devices. Expanded laboratory testing is also critical, as testing for Zika is currently limited by both testing capabilities and laboratories available. Additionally, with the current recommendations for sonography follow-up of potentially affected women, the capabilities for conducting ultrasonograhy in Puerto Rico may become overwhelmed.

ACOG has also pledged $25,000 to address the critical need for more scientific research related to Zika. The research fund will be administered by ASRM, who will also have oversight of the research process. In addition, ACOG recognizes the gracious contributions by ASRM and ABOG toward much needed research considerations.

The Zika virus crisis has impacted numerous countries in South and Central America, as well as in US territories. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ACOG have provided frequent updates regarding clinical guidance and what is known, there is still much to be learned. Affected areas are in critical need of resources to address vector control, pregnancy prevention, and management of affected pregnancies, and research is critically needed to further understand the effects on pregnancy, fertility, sexual transmission, and neonatal/child health.

ACOG is proud to partner with the CDC Foundation to improve the lives of women and their families during this crisis. The CDC Foundation is an independent and nonprofit organization that connects the CDC with private-sector organizations and individuals to help build public health programs. 

Learn more about the CDC foundation and how to get involved.

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