Patient Education: First Look for Members: Read Chapter 2 from ACOG's Pregnancy Book

ACOG’s Patient Education department is pleased to provide members with the opportunity to read the second in a series of complimentary chapters from Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month, Sixth Edition.

August Rounds features Chapter 2 of the Pregnancy Book, which focuses on the first and second months of pregnancy (Weeks 1-8).

This “First Look” series provides you with an opportunity to see why the ACOG Pregnancy book is a popular resource for ob-gyns to provide to their obstetric patients, with more than 250,000 copies sold each year.

From July through December, ACOG is offering a different chapter from the book each month on the following schedule. Click below on the link provided and login with your ACOG credentials: 

  • July - Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Pregnancy (no longer available)
  • August - Chapter 2: Months 1 and 2 (Weeks 1-8 (Available to members in ACOG Rounds, from late August through late September 2015)
  • September - Chapter 5: Month 5 (Weeks 17-20)
  • October - Chapter 15: Cesarean Delivery and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery
  • November - Chapter 25: Screening and Diagnostic Testing for Genetic Disorders
  • December - Chapter 30: Protecting Yourself from Infections

As the next month’s chapter is made available through ACOG Rounds, the previous month’s complimentary chapter will be removed.

Order the Pregnancy Book Now

Make ACOG’s Pregnancy Book a part of patient “care packages,” providing your obstetric patients with an engaging and authoritative resource. Bulk pricing is available to provide an affordable, invaluable option for you and your patients. Order now.

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