Events & Meetings: Get Ready to Have Fun at the Education Arcade at ACOG '17

A lot is new about the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting. First, all postgraduate and hands-on courses are now on Monday and Tuesday only. Also, a new educational experience called Flipped Classrooms has been introduced. There’s the new Ob-Gyn Hall of Fame, CME Forum, Lunch Conversations, Career Fair, and daily focus on certain topics to name just a few.

But the leader of the pack may be a new educational experience called Education Arcade. ACOG’s new Education Arcade features four great games where you can take a break, win prizes, and challenge yourself and friends.

The four games of the Education Arcade are played at different times and in different locations at the meeting. Be sure to refer back to this article or consult the Annual Meeting website, app, or final program onsite to ensure you show up at the right place and time.

  1. PROLOG Games brings to mind the Olympic Games because there are so many individual events—well, actually four games—but they are based on the popular and venerable ACOG product PROLOG.  You’ll test yourself in PROLOG’s new “quiz mode” by answering questions from PROLOG, including one game in which you race against the clock and another where you see how many in a row you can get right.

    PROLOG Games are available Saturday through Monday all day in the Education Arcade in the Sails Pavilion and Sunday and Monday all day in the ACOG booth located in the Exhibit Hall.

  2. The “Squares” game is sure to be a new ACOG favorite. Remember the popular kid’s game, musical chairs?  If you can picture that, then you’ve got the idea. In this version, players move around the room to answer questions correctly. Little by little, players weed themselves out with wrong answers until one winner remains.

    Squares is available in the Education Arcade in the Sails Pavilion on Saturday 11:40 am – 11:55 pm and 12:20 pm – 12:35 pm; Sunday 10:15 am – 10:30 am and 3:15 pm – 3:30 pm; and Monday 11:40 am – 11:55 am and 12:20 pm – 12:35 pm.

  3. The Museum Game is perfect for those who love trivia.  Play this game to see how much you know about ob-gyn and ACOG history. Winners will win rare and historic books from the ACOG Museum.   

    The Museum Game is available Sunday and Monday, all day, in the ACOG booth in the Exhibit Hall.

  4. Ob-Gyn Challenge allows you to quiz yourself while also challenging your peers.  Answer five multiple-choice ob-gyn questions on your smartphone or tablet before selected colloquia and clinical seminar sessions. Winners will be displayed at the end of each session on the big screen.

Ob-gyn Challenge is available on your own smartphone or tablet before selected colloquia and clinical seminars.

So, be sure to have fun while learning at ACOG ’17 and participate in any or all of the ACOG Education Arcade. This is where learning, gaming, and fun come together.



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