Events and Meetings: ACOG’s “Virtual” Annual Meeting is a Great Value

Okay, you won’t get CME credit, but the ACOG Virtual Meeting is a still a great value. If you happen to be going to the 2017 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in San Diego, May 6-9, then you can add on the Virtual Meeting for just $199. But act now. This special price is only in effect prior to the 2017 Annual Meeting. If you have already registered, you can still purchase the Virtual Meeting at discounted rates by going back into your Annual Meeting account and adding it on.

Still haven’t  registered? Do so today to take advantage of Advance Registration and Housing rates, available until April 7, 2017, and to get the best rate on Virtual Meeting. Don’t wait—prices will increase once you arrive at the conference.

If you don’t plan to attend the 2017 ACOG Annual Meeting, the Virtual Meeting will be available for sale after the meeting. Non-attendee prices will apply, but  are still a good value. Watch for an email from ACOG’s Education Department or the ACOG website to take advantage of this opportunity.

So, what makes the Virtual Meeting such a great value for attendees?

It takes the pressure off of you to figure out which sessions you should attend while in San Diego. The Virtual Meeting provides you with open access to most meeting presentations after the Annual Meeting. This year, the Virtual Meeting includes postgraduate courses, clinical seminars, lunch seminars, surgical tutorials, subspecialty sessions, and colloquia lectures—the best and most educational parts of the Annual Meeting! 

These sessions account for over 100 hours of instruction that you can watch at your leisure. Instead of worrying about which sessions to attend or fretting because there are two great talks at the same time, sit back, relax, and pick the one that is closest, most appealing, or has the best snacks. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that, in just a few short weeks, you will receive access to all the expertly recorded sessions with audio and video perfectly synched—it’s just like you are attending live. 

So, Annual Meeting attendees, take advantage of this special option today. The Virtual Meeting can be purchased for $199 in addition to your registration. The option will also be available onsite but at a higher cost. 

Non-attendees—we’ll miss you but be sure to take advantage of Virtual Meeting when it becomes available in June. It is the next best thing to being there.


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