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Preparing Your Practice for Adolescent Health Care

There are many different ways to incorporate adolescent health care into your practice. Please review these suggestions and determine what will work best for your practice. Some of these suggestions ...

January 2009


Primary and Preventive Health Care for Female Adolescents

Key points: The delivery of preventive services to adolescents differs from the delivery of preventive services to adults. An adolescent’s particular developmental stage uniquely frames the constella...

January 2010


Quick Reference Card on Coding

Elements Included in History Component History of Present Illness Location, quality duration, severity, timing, context, modifying factors, associated signs, and symptoms

January 2010


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Number FS022

What are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? Sexually transmitted diseases are infections that can be spread through vaginal–penile, anal, or oral sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are passed betw...

January 2010


Skin Cancer Prevention

Number FS037

What is skin cancer? Your skin is made of cells that are constantly changing. Normal healthy cells eventually grow old and are replaced by new healthy cells. Cancer develops when new cells form tha...

February 2013


Stress and Trauma

Number FS023

What should you know about stress? Stress is what people feel when reacting to pressure or worry. Stress is a normal reaction to many things. Stress is caused by emotions, but it can affect your body...

January 2009


Substance Abuse

Number FS024

What is meant by substance abuse? Any use of an illegal drug such as cocaine, marijuana, or heroin Any use of alcohol or tobacco (see the “Tobacco Use” and “Alcohol Use” fact sheets) that causes ris...

January 2009


Substance Abuse - A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS033

What is meant by substance abuse? Use of any illegal drug, such as cocaine, marijuana, or heroin, Any use of alcohol or tobacco (see the “Tobacco Use” and “Alcohol Use” fact sheets) that causes risk...

January 2009


Suggested Responses to Common Adolescent-Related Telephone Questions

Offices that serve adolescent patients may find it helpful to adopt protocols for answering questions that adolescents commonly ask over the telephone. The use of protocols will depend on staff capab...

January 2009


Talking With Teens

What teens say they want from a health care provider: Confidentiality, education, communication, honesty, same provider at all visits, discussion of sexually transmitted diseases and birth control

January 2009