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Internet Safety - A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS031

The Internet, including web sites, e-mail, chat rooms, social networking web sites, and instant messaging, is increasingly part of young people’s lives. Risks of Internet use by adolescents are an in...

January 2009


Lesbian Teens

Number FS013

What is sexual orientation? Sexuality is a natural part of every human being. Sexual orientation is about the direction of a person’s emotional connections, attractions, and sometimes about whom the...

January 2010


Media and Body Image

Number FS014

Media play a large role in young people’s lives today, including television and music (radio and recordings), videos and movies, computers, print media, and video games. Along with many positive asp...

January 2009


Media and Body Image - A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS032

How can the media have an impact on a teenager’s body image? Media play a large, and often negative, role in shaping young women’s ideas about how they should look, including television and music (r...

January 2009


Menstrual Cramps and Dysmenorrhea

Number FS015

What causes menstrual cramps? When most girls begin their menstrual cycles, muscle cramps in the uterus are caused by contractions that lead to discomfort and pain. The body produces a chemical call...

January 2009


Menstrual Periods

Number FS016

What is a menstrual period? Vaginal bleeding that occurs in adolescent girls and women as a result of hormonal changes. It usually happens in a predictable pattern, once a month, and is a sign you a...

January 2009


Physical Activity

Number FS018

How much should you exercise? Experts recommend 60 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week. Exercises may include the following types: Aerobic exercise is continuous activity in ...

January 2009


Plastic Surgery

Number FS019

What are the different types of plastic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is done to reshape normal structures of the body and to improve how the individual feels about her appearance. Sometimes this improv...

January 2009


Pregnancy Options

Number FS020

How do you know if you are pregnant? A missed menstrual period is a common sign of a pregnancy. Other signs include spotting or a very light menstrual period, tender breasts, being tired, upset stoma...

January 2009


Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Number FS021

What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS ) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder? Most women feel physical or mood changes during the days before their menstrual period. When these changes affect normal life...

January 2009