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The Female Athlete - A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS030

If you are an adult (parent, guardian, or coach) dealing with a young female athlete, it is important to understand some health issues that could arise. Participating in sports(either team or individ...

January 2009


Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care

Key points: Confidentiality is a major concern in the delivery of health care to all adolescents, but there are special considerations for those who are minors; Physicians should address confidential...

January 2009


Body Mass Index by Age-Girls

Step 1: Determine body mass index (BMI) by locating the intersection of the patient’s weight with the patient’s stature (see reverse side); Step 2: Determine where the patient’s BMI intersects with t...

January 2009


Body Art

Number FS004

What is Body Art? Body art includes piercing, tattooing, and branding; Body art for decoration or rituals goes back thousands of years; In recent years, media stars and professional athletes have ma...

January 2009



Number FS006

What is depression? Depression is a set of feelings of sadness, loss of pleasure, helplessness, and hopelessness that persist over time, for at least 2 weeks. Depression can be linked to alcohol ...

January 2009


Blood Pressure Levels for Adolescent Girls by Age and Height Percentile

1. Use the standard height chart (on back) to determine the height percentile; 2. Measure and record the adolescent’s systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure levels; 3. Find the adolesce...

January 2009


Acquaintance and Date Rape

Number FS002

What is rape or sexual assault? Any genital, oral, or anal penetration without consent (permission) is rape. Rape is a crime. Nothing a person does justifies being raped. Inappropriate touching also ...

January 2009



Number FS001

What is acne? Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil; Bacteria become trapped in the pore and irritate the skin and hair follicle; The irritation around the plugged pore and h...

January 2009


Billing and Coding Issues in Adolescent Reproductive Health

Adolescent reproductive health presents many challenges to the obstetrician–gynecologist. Issues related to adolescent psychosocial development and interaction with the family of the adolescent pati...

January 2009


Alcohol Use-A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS028

As parents or guardians of teenagers, what should you know about alcohol use? Alcohol is the drug most often used and abused by teenagers; Alcohol use includes beer, wine, wine coolers, hard liquor,...

January 2009