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Internet Safety

Number FS012

What are the risks of using the Internet? All kinds of material are on the web. You may come across material that is inappropriate and disturbing, including sexual, violent, drug-promoting, or other...

January 2009


Driving Safety - A Fact Sheet for Teens and Parents

Number FS007

Why is auto safety an issue for teenagers? Motor vehicle accidents (car crashes) are the number one cause of death among young people aged 16–20 years Motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause ...

January 2009


Do You Have an Adolescent Girl in Your Family

We care about her health. Girls should first visit a gynecologist for health promotion, education, and prevention when they are 13–15 years old. Most girls do not need a pelvic examination at this ti...

January 2009


Depression - A Fact Sheet for Parents

Number FS029

What is depression? Depression is a set of feelings of sadness, loss of pleasure, helplessness, and hopelessness that persist over time, for at least 2 weeks. Depression can be associated with al...

January 2009