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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction

Number 553

(Replaces Committee Opinion Number 369, June 2007)

guidelines gynecology guidelines obstetrics ethics... on ethicsstrongbr ithis committee opinion was developed by the committee on ethics of the american college... opinion was approved by the committee on ethics... this opinion the collegersquos committee on ethics... on ethics offers the following recommendationsp ul

February 2013

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Using Preimplantation Embryos for Research

Number 347

(Reaffirmed 2008)

guidelines ethics research committee opinion... strongcommittee on ethicsstrong number 347 reaffirmed 2008... on ethics presents an ethical framework for examining... research in ethics in obstetrics and gynecology... on ethics acknowledges the diversity of opinions... the ethics advisory board eab was appointed in 1978

November 2006

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Sex Selection

Number 360

(Reaffirmed 2014)

guidelines guidelines obstetrics ethics... sex selection strongcommittee on ethicsstrong... and gynecologists committee on ethics presents various... or cultural in nature the committee on ethics supports... timesa namestaraupdate of sex selection in ethics... committee on ethics presents various ethical

February 2007

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Number 528

(Replaces No. 368, June 2007)

guidelines patient focused advocacy ethics... adoption adoption pstrongcommittee on ethicsbr... by the committee on ethics of the american college... was approved by the committee on ethics... for physicians therefore the committee on ethics... the committee on ethics of the american college

June 2012

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Surrogate Motherhood

Number 397

guidelines guidelines gynecology guidelines obstetrics ethics committee opinion prenatal care... on ethicsstrong number 397 abstract ethical responsibilities... the medical profession the medical ethics community state... the committee on ethics makes ethical... members as gamete donors and surrogates ethics

February 2008

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Oocyte Cryopreservation

Number 584

there are no data to support the safety efficacy ethics

January 2014

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