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Medical Futility

Number 362

(Reaffirmed 2015)

guidelines guidelines gynecology ethics patient... medical futility committee on ethics number 362... take priority update of medical futility in ethics... of this technologic expansion simultaneously medical ethics... communication an ethics consultant or ethics committee... in the relevant medical discipline or medical ethics

March 2007

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Commercial Enterprises in Medical Practice

Number 359

(Reaffirmed 2015)

guidelines practice management ethics committee... practice committee on ethics number 359 reaffirmed 2015... enterprises in medical practice in ethics in obstetrics... committee on ethics examines the following issues... generally accepted principles of medical ethics first... of medical ethics bus prof ethics j 19921173ndash88

January 2007

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Innovative Practice: Ethical Guidelines

Number 352

(Reaffirmed 2015)

guidelines practice management ethics committee opinion ambulatory care innovative practice... on ethics number 352 reaffirmed 2015 abstract... opinion the committee on ethics will review efforts... committee on ethics interprets as congruent... mccullough lb richman bw the ethics of innovative

December 2006

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Using Preimplantation Embryos for Research

Number 347

(Reaffirmed 2008)

guidelines ethics research committee opinion... on ethics number 347 reaffirmed 2008 abstract human... and gynecologists acog committee on ethics... of preembryo research in ethics in obstetrics... on ethics acknowledges the diversity of opinions... the ethics advisory board eab was appointed in 1978

November 2006

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Nonmedical use of Obstetric Ultrasonography

Number 297

(Reaffirmed 2015)

guidelines guidelines obstetrics ethics committee opinion prenatal care nonmedical use of obstetric ultrasonography nonmedical use of obstetric... ultrasonography committee on ethics number 297 reaffirmed... the acog committee on ethics provides reasons... by aium the acog committee on ethics believes

August 2004

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Family Building Through Gestational Surrogacy

Number 660

(Replaces Committee Opinion No. 397, February 2008)

obstetrics ethics committee opinion infertility... surrogacy committee on ethics this committee opinion... of obstetricians and gynecologistsrsquo committee on ethics... opinion was approved by the committee on ethics... carrier a committee opinion ethics committee... task force on ethics and law 10 surrogacy eshre task

March 2016

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Cervical Cancer Screening in Low-Resource Settings

Number 624

guidelines guidelines gynecology ethics patient focused advocacy committee opinion surgery special populations includes pediatric minority incarcerated etc international health care cervical cancer screening in low resource settings cervical cancer screening in lowresource settings guidelines

February 2015

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Routine Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening

Number 596

(Replaces Committee Opinion Number 411, August 2008)

guidelines ethics committee opinion hiv or aids well woman care routine human immunodeficiency virus screening routine human immunodeficiency virus screening guidelines routine human immunodeficiency virus screening committee on gynecologic practice this committee opinion was developed

May 2014

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Human Trafficking

Number 507

guidelines ethics committee opinion special populations includes pediatric minority incarcerated etc human trafficking human trafficking guidelines human trafficking committee on health care for underserved women this information should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course

September 2011

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