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Patient Safety in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Number 447

(Reaffirmed 2012, Replaces No. 286, October 2003)

care. according to the code of professional ethics... of obstetricians and gynecologists. code of professional ethics

December 2009

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Disruptive Behavior

Number 508

(Reaffirmed 2013, Replaces No. 366, May 2007)

ethics: current opinions and annotations. 2010-11 ed

October 2011

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Health Care for Transgender Individuals

Number 512

and human rights. in: code of medical ethics

December 2011

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Reprocessed Single-Use Devices

Number 537

(Reaffirmed 2014)

, cost-effectiveness, and ethics. reprocessed single

October 2012

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Oocyte Cryopreservation

Number 584

there are no data to support the safety, efficacy, ethics

January 2014

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Human Trafficking

Number 507

guidelines ethics committee opinion special populations includes pediatric minority incarcerated etc human trafficking human trafficking human trafficking committee on health care for underserved women this information should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of treatment

September 2011

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Routine Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening

Number 596

(Replaces Committee Opinion Number 411, August 2008)

guidelines ethics committee opinion hiv or aids well woman care routine human immunodeficiency virus screening routine human immunodeficiency virus screening routine human immunodeficiency virus screening committee on gynecologic practice this committee opinion was developed with the assistance

May 2014

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Maternal Decision Making Ethics and the Law

Number 321

guidelines guidelines - obstetrics ethics... maternal decision making ethics and the law maternal decision making ethics and the law maternal decision making, ethics, and the law committee on ethics... the ethical issues involved. the ethics of caring... and gynecologists (acog) committee on ethics. after briefly

November 2005

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Hospital Disaster Preparedness for Obstetricians and Facilities Providing Maternity Care

Number 555

. magee-womens hospital ethics committee. crit care

March 2013

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Partner Consent for Participation in Women's Reproductive Health Research

Number 307

(Reaffirmed 2008)

guidelines research ethics committee opinion health care policy partner consent for participation in womens reproductive health research partner consent for participation in women's reproductive... of obstetricians and gynecologists. informed consent. in: ethics... and gynecologists. research involving women. in: ethics

December 2004

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Substance Abuse Reporting and Pregnancy The Role of the Obstetrician Gynecologist

Number 473

(Reaffirmed 2014)

making, ethics, and the law. acog committee opinion

January 2011

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Health Care for Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Number 525

(Reaffirmed 2014)

; code of professional ethics states... ethics of the american college of obstetricians

May 2012

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Professional Use of Digital and Social Media

Number 622

ethics of the american college of obstetricians... of professional ethics of the american college

February 2015

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Patents Medicine and the Interests of Patients

Number 364

(Reaffirmed 2009)

guidelines ethics patient focused advocacy..., and the interests of patients* committees on ethics..., medicine, and the interests of patients" in ethics... on ethics and the committee on genetics.... the committee on ethics and the committee... ethics of the american medical association: current

May 2007

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Nonmedical use of Obstetric Ultrasonography

Number 297

(Reaffirmed 2012)

guidelines guidelines - obstetrics ethics committee opinion prenatal care nonmedical use of obstetric ultrasonography nonmedical use of obstetric... ultrasonography committee on ethics number 297 (reaffirmed... or videos). the acog committee on ethics provides... by aium, the acog committee on ethics believes

August 2004

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Professional Relationships With Industry

Number 541

(Replaces No. 401, March 2008)

guidelines practice management ethics committee... relationships with industry committee on ethics... on ethics of the american college of obstetricians... by the committee on ethics and the executive... of ethics to guide its members (medical technology... professionals. this code of ethics generally addressed

November 2012

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Patient Testing Ethical Issues in Selection and Counseling

Number 363

(Reaffirmed 2012)

guidelines ethics patient focused advocacy... in selection and counseling* committee on ethics number 363.... *update of "patient testing," in ethics in obstetrics.... consultation with an institutional ethics committee or a medical ethics specialist may be helpful... of biomedical ethics. 5th ed. new york (ny): oxford

April 2007

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Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction

Number 553

(Replaces Committee Opinion Number 369, June 2007)

- obstetrics ethics committee opinion infertility... on ethics this committee opinion was developed by the committee on ethics of the american college... on ethics and the executive board of the american college... on ethics presents the ethical principles that play..., the committee on ethics offers the following

February 2013

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Institutional Responsibility to Provide Legal Representation

Number 370

(Reaffirmed 2012)

guidelines practice management ethics... on ethics number 370 (reaffirmed 2012) abstract... of obstetricians and gynecologists' committee on ethics... legal representation" in ethics in obstetrics... of professional ethics of the american college.... code of professional ethics of the american college

July 2007

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Medical Futility

Number 362

(Reaffirmed 2008)

guidelines guidelines - gynecology ethics... futility medical futility* committee on ethics number 362... futility," in ethics in obstetrics and gynecology.... simultaneously, medical ethics has undergone a rapid... provider–patient communication, an ethics consultant or ethics committee should be involved

March 2007

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