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Annual Well-Woman Exam Infographic

Birth Control Learn about choosing the right birth control method for you Some examples include the birth control pill intrauterine device IUD patch condom or implant Cancer Screening Learn more about breast cancer colon cancer or other types of cancer Vaccinations Get vaccinations against the flu...

December 2015


Healthy Eating


Why is it important to eat a healthy diet Your body needs a balanced supply of nutrients to grow replace wornout tissue and provide energy Not getting enough of these important nutrients can affect your health However eating too much food and excess calories can lead to health problems Womens Heal...

November 2013

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Obesity and Pregnancy


What is the body mass index The body mass index BMI is a number calculated from height and weight that is used to determine whether a person is underweight normal weight overweight or obese You can find out your BMI by using an online BMI calculator on a web site such as wwwnhlbisupportcombmi Preg...

June 2013

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Weight Control: Eating Right and Keeping Fit


What is the body mass index The body mass index BMI is a tool that often is used to measure body fat It is based on height and weight To find out your BMI you can use the online calculator at wwwnhlbinihgovhealtheducationallosewtBMIbmicalchtm Womens Health What is the body mass index What BMI rang...

June 2013

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American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
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