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Obesity and Pregnancy


What is the body mass index? The body mass index (BMI) is a number calculated from height and weight that is used to determine whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. Y...

June 2013

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Later Childbearing


Why is there a concern about having a child later in life? Becoming pregnant after age 35 years can present a challenge. Also, having a child later in life has certain risks. These risks may affect ...

December 2012

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Preconception Carrier Screening


What is preconception carrier screening? Preconception carrier screening is screening that you can have before becoming pregnant to help predict your chances of having a child with a genetic disorde...

August 2012

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Good Health Before Pregnancy: Preconception Care


What is a preconception care checkup? The goal of this checkup is to find things that could affect your pregnancy. Identifying these factors before pregnancy allows you to take steps that can increa...

March 2012

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A Healthy Pregnancy for Women with Diabetes


What is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus (also called "diabetes") is caused by a problem with insulin. Insulin moves glucose out of the blood and into the body's cells where it can be turned int...

December 2011

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Genetic Disorders


What are genes? Genes control your physical makeup. Genes come in pairs. Half of a fetus's genes come from the mother. The other half comes from the father. Some traits, such as blood type, are dete...

August 2011

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