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Medications for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery


What are the types of pain-relieving medications that can be used during labor and delivery? In general, there are two types of pain-relieving drugs: 1) analgesics and 2) anesthetics. Analgesics reli...

March 2014

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Birth Control - Especially for Teens


What things should I think about when choosing a birth control method? To choose the right birth control method for you, consider the following: • How well it prevents pregnancy • How easy it is to u...

December 2013

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Tobacco Alcohol Drugs and Pregnancy


Why is smoking dangerous during pregnancy? If you smoke during pregnancy, your baby is exposed to harmful chemicals such as tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Nicotine causes blood vessels to const...

December 2013

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Emergency Contraception


What is emergency contraception? Emergency contraception is the use of certain methods to prevent pregnancy after a woman has had sex without birth control, if her current method fails, or if she is...

October 2013

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The Rh Factor: How It Can Affect Your Pregnancy


What is the Rh factor? Just as there are different major blood groups, such as type A and type B, there also is an Rh factor. The Rh factor is a protein that can be present on the surface of red blo...

September 2013

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Hormone Therapy

PFS003 Hormone Therapy The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Women’s Health Care Physicians patient education Fact Sheet PFS003: Hormone Therapy APRIL 2013 The average age wh...

April 2013


Treating Infertility


What is infertility? Infertility is defined as not having become pregnant after 1 year of having regular sexual intercourse without the use of birth control (see the FAQ Evaluating Infertility). Inf...

April 2013

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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding


What is abnormal uterine bleeding? Bleeding in any of the following situations is abnormal: • Bleeding between periods • Bleeding after sex • Spotting anytime in the menstrual cycle • Bleeding h...

December 2012

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What is depression? Depression is a common but serious illness. It is more than just feeling sad or upset for a short time or feeling grief after a loss. Depression changes your thoughts, feelings, ...

June 2012

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Labor Induction


What is labor induction? Labor induction is the use of medications or other methods to bring on (induce) labor. FAQ154 What is labor induction? Labor induction is the use of medications or other me...

January 2012

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