American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 2014 Legislative Priorities

Fix Medicare Physician Payment

  • Support SGR repeal and replacement with a sustainable reimbursement system that supports women's access to ob-gyns across the range of practice types.
  • Oppose the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
  • Portect ob-gyn ultrasound from any reimbursement or coverage cuts.

Support Healthy Pregnancies for Working Women

  • Ensure that pregnant workers are not forced out of their jobs unnecessarily or denied reasonable job modifications that would allow them to continue working and have healthier pregnancies.

Protect Vulnerable Populations from Toxic Chemical Exposure

  • Support meaningful chemical safety legislation that protects the health of vulnerable populations including pregnant women, infants and children.

Protect the Public Health Safety Net for Women

  • Oppose cuts to discretionary programs.
  • Oppose cuts to Medicaid and proposals that shift costs to states.
  • Support Children's Health Insurance Program (Chip) Reauthorization.

Support our Physician Workforce

  • Support graduate medical education by expanding ob-gyn residencey slots, opposing cuts and exploring additional funding sources.
  • Make medical student loan repayment more affordable.
  • Change federal loan repayment requirements to ensure interest deferral periods are not shorter than residency program durations.

Protect the Physician-Patient Relationship

  • Oppose state and federal efforts to interfere with the patient-physician relationship.

Prevent Unintended Pregnancies and Reduce the Need for Abortions

  • Support access to reproductive health services.
  • Promote access to contraception, including emergency contraception.
  • Advocate the use of medically accurate information.

Enact Meaningful Medical Liability Reform

  • ACOG supports caps on non-economic damages.
  • While we work toward that goal, we support meaningful alternative reforms

Ensure ACA Implementation Meets the Needs of Ob-Gyns and Our Patients

We support proper implementation of:

  • Maternity coverage for all women in all plans.
  • Coverage and cost-sharing protections for women's preventative health services under all plans.
  • Health insurance market reforms, including direct access to ob-gyn care.
  • Medicaid expansion to cover individuals up to 138% of the federal poverty line
  • Ensuring women's continued reliance on direct access to their ob-gyns as their principle care physicians.
  • Continued testing of a woman's medical home, including for pregnancy care.
  • Research into postpartum depression (PPD) and psychosis and programs to assist women suffering from PPD
  • The Medicaid state option to expand coverage of family planning services for low-income women.

We support modifications to:

  • Extend the Medicaid and Medicare primary care payment increases to ob-gyns.
  • Make the EHR Incentive Program easier for small group providers to participate.
  • Reduce the reporting burden for physician practices to comply wit e-prescribing, PQRS and EHR incentive programs.


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