Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Takes Effect January 1
The PDMP is a statewide program that collects information about controlled substances and other drugs that have a substantial potential for abuse that are dispensed to patients in Wisconsin. The PDMP discloses the information to users who are legally authorized to obtain the information.

What are monitored prescription drugs?
Monitored prescription drugs are substances identified as a controlled substance in Schedule II, III, IV, or V by state or federal law that require a prescription order to be dispensed and Tramadol.

Who is required to submit information to the PDMP?
Dispensers are required to submit information. “Dispensers” includes all pharmacies and health
care practitioners licensed to dispense monitored prescription drugs to patients in Wisconsin.

For more information
More information on the program is available on the Department of Safety and Professional Services website, at You can also contact the Program directly at or 608.266.2112..