Message from the Chair

It is my great honor to take over as the Chair or the New Jersey Section of ACOG.  Thanks to Joe DeStefano, Immediate Past Chair, for guiding our Section to a highly productive three years with numerous legislative and educational successes.

As I look forward to the next three years, my vision is to focus on three important areas:  Communication, Advocacy and Leadership Development.

With regard to COMMUNICATION, our section leadership wants to encourage a two-way dialogue with all of our members.  In order to achieve that goal, we are finally launching a Section website which will be comprised of both a public and a private side.  On the site, we are posting accurate listings of Advisory Council members, ob-gyn departments and their Chairs, and residency programs and their Directors.  Furthermore, we are developing "Town Hall" style meetings, which will occur regionally, allowing more members to network with each other and with Section Leadership.  Finally, we are partnering with District III in the "Roadshow" an ambitious project to bring education "to the people", potentially replacing District meetings in the future. 

Under the guidance of our lobbyist, Beverly Lynch, her colleague Jessica Frasco, our Section Vice Chair, Don Chervenak and our District Legislative Chair/McCain Fellow, Tom Westover, we have a strong section ADVOCACY program in place.  In recent months we have worked to develop relationships with several key legislators and have had dialogue with regard to "Dense Breast" Legislation, Nomenclature in Ob-Gyn, Contraceptive access, Breastfeeding Hospital Regulations, and other legislative issues.  We will be sending an 11 member coalition to Washington DC to meet with members of the US Senate and House as part of ACOG's Congressional Leadership Conference in late February.  Furthermore, I continue to Chair the NJ Women's Health Coalition where we partner with other Women's Health Advocates on behalf of the Women of New Jersey.

One of my personal interests is LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.  My goal is to help facilitate involvement in ACOG for any NJ member who has an interest.  I was fortunate to serve as a member of President Jim Breeden's National Task Force looking at these issues for all of ACOG.  In our section, I hope to promote leadership in several ways.  First, we are looking to recruit new Council members.  Please reach out to our Executive Director, Linda Bartolo if you have any interest.  Second, we want to continue to mentor and develop our Junior Fellows.  Furthermore, through postings on the website, I am hoping to clarify some of the pathways to District and National Leadership opportunities.  Finally, we will be recruiting members to participate in task forces, under varied leadership, to address timely issues in the State.

I look forward to working for and with every one of the members of the New Jersey Section.  Please reach out at any time with questions, ideas or input.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sharon Mass, MD, FACOG
NJ Section Chair


Linda Bartolo
Executive Director
New Jersey Section, ACOG
26 Eastmans Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
973 597 0938
973 597 0241 (fax) 

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