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 Alfred H. Moffett, MD, FACOG
Past Chair and Medicare Liaison


Medicare Liaison Report

The Carrier Advisory Committee for Medicare met Oct. 17, 2015, in Orlando to discuss various items.

SPOT – Secure Provider Online Tool — still seems to be the perfect place for improving your billing efficiency. Whether you are responsible for managing Medicare billing for a single practitioner or you are a member of the billing staff for a high-volume healthcare facility, fast access to Medicare data is essential. First Coast Service Options’ SPOT can help.

SPOT is a Web-based application designed to help you improve your Medicare billing efficiency by providing the information you need before and after the submission of your claim. SPOT not only offers secure, online access to Medicare claim, payment, and eligibility data, but also serves as a streamlined submission channel for claim re-openings, first-level appeals, and overpayment forms.

You can access Medicare data 24/7. SPOT offers its registered users free, unlimited access to essential Medicare data. Whether you are verifying the eligibility of a new patient or checking the status of a Medicare claim or payment, SPOT has the information you need, when you need it.

SPOT also offers exclusive access to detailed analytical reports that will help you improve your billing efficiency by identifying negative billing patterns before they become established trends.
As a secure website, SPOT is an ideal venue for the online submission of claim additional development response (ADR), clerical re-opening, re-determination, and overpayment forms. SPOT’s secure messaging system will save your organization time and money by allowing you to submit these forms and any support documentation directly into First Coast’s e-documentation system

In addition, SPOT offers Part B providers the time-saving advantage of correcting their claims online. Registered SPOT users may correct minor clerical errors at the line-item level of eligible claims. Your place on SPOT is waiting for you. Simply follow the steps outlined here:


Colleen Filbert
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