National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Working together, we’ve made great progress in helping to reduce the risk of SIDS in many communities. Let’s continue to work together to educate parents and caregivers about safe infant sleep. To support your efforts, our website offers free educational resources. Visit You can also click the link to get copies of the Safe to Sleep Flyer for your office. 

Florida Department of Children and Families
Safe Sleep Campaign

There are many FREE items in the "Resources" tab on the website

  • Press conference video footage, photos and press release
  • Free printed materials
  • Pack n Play set up demo video
  • Video with a mom who lost a daughter to unsafe sleep
  • Blog post from a mom who's daughter almost died from the use of bumper pads
  • Safe Sleep video PSA (30-seconds)

In addition, the FREE first responder online CE trainings are live under the "First Responder" tab.

We have many TV stations who have already agreed to show the 30-second PSA for free - we are very excited and thankful for the coverage! Here is a link to the broadcast-quality version in case your organization can use it: