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Angela Stoehr, MD

Since the Inaugural District XII Annual District Meeting (ADM) at the Breakers, the Junior Fellows have been busy at work planning activities for our second year! We are excited about the opportunities and programs we have in the stages of development. We will need plenty of help and enthusiasm from the
Junior Fellows throughout the state to make these a success!

The Junior Fellows of District XII are excited to be embarking on a new project this year. We are in the process of working with substance abuse centers across the state to give informative lectures and set up and coordinate protocols for treatment of substance abuse in pregnancy. Section 3 (Central) participated in a trial program at a center in Orlando, which went exceedingly well. Luke Dixon, MD, the Junior Fellows Vice Chair, submitted this as a Junior Fellow Initiative Toolkit (JFIT) (please see the ACOG Junior Fellow National Contests and Awards webpage for details), in conjunction with the Junior Fellows efforts in handing out condoms this last year. We hope to have a curriculum that would incorporate information on safe sex practices, how substance abuse affects pregnancy, an on what to expect after the birth. We will be asking for volunteers from across the state to help develop and teach these lessons in the substance abuse centers in your area. If you are interested, please email info@acogdistrict12fl.org for more details. Please be sure to indicate which Section you are interested in.

The second program we are planning is to offer is a breastfeeding pamphlet describing the benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and infant, which will come in two installments. The first is to be given at the initial prenatal visit, to encourage women to consider breastfeeding. The second pamphlet will be geared to the third trimester, with more detailed information on breastfeeding. Our Junior Fellow Officers in Section 2 (Northern) have been developing these pamphlets for their clinic patients, and it is looking to be an excellent resource. We hope to roll these out for your use in late 2014.

In 2014, we would like to have great District XII Junior Fellow participation in the national contests and awards. Two of them in which you can enter are the Donald F. Richardson Memorial Prize and Stump the Professors. Be on the lookout in your emails from the ACOG national office for opportunities to enter these, which can win you the chance to go to the Annual Clinical Meeting next April! Also stayed tuned for details on District XII contests, in which you can win a paid trip to the 2014 Annual District Meeting that will be held at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes in sunny Orlando, August 15-17.

Annual Medical Students Awards Information 

Each spring, District XII will contact the seven medical schools in Florida and ask that they select for two medical students from their program who have shown outstanding achievement. The medical students will be presented with a  District XII Medical Student Award certificate and a cash prize. Our hope is that these awards will stimulate interest in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and encourage young medical students continue on to earn their medical degree. For more information on these annual medical students awards, please feel free to contact Colleen Filbert at cfilbert@acogdistrict12fl.org or at 904-309-6265.  Click to view the 2013 Award Recipients

Medical Student Interest Group Funding Information

District XII has allocated funds to help cover some of the expenses related to the medical student interest group meetings. District XII will cover up to $200 per semester for expenses related to food, beverage or travel expenses for a guest speaker for each of the seven programs in Florida. The President of the medical student interest group should contact Colleen Filbert at cfilbert@acogdistrict12fl.org or at 904-309-6265 prior to the meeting to confirm dates.

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Colleen Filbert
Project Manager

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